13. Designing Future Solutions, Listening to the Most Important Stakeholder

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Presenter: Ms. Abi Weaver, Global Technology Project, American Red Cross

Thursday, 30 April, 09:10-09:4012_Weaver_IMG_3431

With an eye on the threats and opportunities of the next decade, the Red Cross Red Crescent recently developed a multi-sector vision outlining how emerging technologies can address emerging humanitarian needs. Community engagement was essential to the development of this vision and their diverse ideas drove both the problem sets and solutions.

Abi Weaver shared lessons from her experience helping people on the receiving end of emergency aid identify and voice their own needs directly, improve their knowledge, design their own solutions and expand their coping strategies through technology. She also shared why the Red Cross Red Crescent cares about the design, use and cost of future technology solutions and how this focus is helping them prepare for other global shifts like climate change. And she revealed what they learned from communicating with communities about their emerging needs and barriers as well as their attitudes, beliefs, questions and concerns about emerging technologies.

Ms. Abi Weaver
, Global Technology Project, American Red Cross

12_Designing Future Solutions Listening to the Most Important Stakeholder_photo_Abi WeaverAbi Weaver, a director within the international division of the American Red Cross, is currently researching and testing emerging technology solutions with the vision that they can help strengthen disaster resilience in urban communities. In addition to her 10-year career with the Red Cross, Abi has held strategic communications and government relations positions at PATH, an international nonprofit organization that accelerates global health technologies, as well as the National Parent Teacher Association, America’s premiere child advocacy organization.

She has earned degrees in journalism and public relations, and lives in the Washington, DC metro area.

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